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The home of living room and coffee shop conversations that matter to you. For 25+ years, Christian authors and speakers Holly Prosser and Elaina Barron have been answering women's questions about what they love but are struggling with: God, friends, husbands, careers, children, you name it! Now they're sharing these conversations with you. Come join in to dig deep, laugh, and sometimes cry as they talk about what you love.

coming soon...

Do you believe there's been a crime committed against women in the church? Why Not Eve will be investigating the biblical restrictions on women in Christian leadership by hearing from experts on both sides of this viewpoint (Complementarian and Egalitarian) who will lead us through scripture and theology to help us solve this age old argument. We will also be learning from women past and present through their stories of serving in Christian leadership.

Are you confident that what you believe is true?


Why Not Eve

Elaina Barron

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