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Do you believe there's been a crime committed against women in the church? Why Not Eve will be investigating the biblical restrictions on women in Christian leadership by hearing from experts on both sides of this viewpoint (Complementarian and Egalitarian) who will lead us through scripture and theology to help us solve this age old argument. We will also be learning from women past and present through their stories of serving in Christian leadership.

Are you confident that what you believe is true?


Can Adam survive without Eve? Studies show us that women In their 20's are angry at the church and their treatment of women In leadership. Women are either leaving their faith behind or changing to a denomination where they feel recognized and valued for their contribution and gifts they've been given. This podcast aims to give women the tools to critically interact with this argument and make choices based on truth and fact not emotion. By fully knowing and understanding what both viewpoints believe, studying scripture, and seeing God work in the past and today, they will be moving from embedded theology to a more deliberate theology that will benefit whatever ministry position to which Christ calls them.


About Elaina

Elaina Barron holds a Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Leadership. For over 25 years she has been equipping Christian leaders through the church and parachurch organizations. Her passion for Christ is seen in her desire to teach people to know and apply their Bibles and therefore, falling deeper in love with Christ. She has a love for plants and loves helping women envision new ways to use their gifts and talents to serve Christ and the church. She lives in Richmond, KY with her husband Pastor Jon where they are empty nesters and church planters.


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Angie Elkins graduated from Union University with a B.A. in vocal performance, then finished a Masters in Music a Southwestern Seminary. Over the past 20 plus years, she and her husband Robert, have served together in their local church, writing music and leading worship. Angie is a published songwriter and passionate about worship leading and connecting with women. Angie, Robert and their 3 children, Jack, Audrey and Foster live in Orlando, FL where Robert serves as Worship Pastor of First Baptist Church, Orlando.



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